【atari CAFE & DINING Ikebukuro brunch】Japanese style dining in Ikebukuro (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!
This is Mymymie!

Today I came to Parco for dinner!

▲ The 7th and the 8th floors are for eateries!

and my favorite is

「atari CAFE & DINING Ikebukuro brunch」

A famous designer designed the whole space!

▲ Looking very arty!

We are seated in this place!

▲ and baby chairs!

We are so happy here coz we can feel free to visit with small children!

▲ cozy♪


▲ relaxing lighting.

The food served here are very sophisticated too!



and『ZEN Patsa Japanese peperoncino』

▲ The pasta is made of Konnyaku!

It is 1– per cent gluten free!♪

▲ Sooooooo tasty!!!

and my child is eating

『coconut honey roasted vegetables』

These dishes are at the deli and super delicious!

▲ They have differs offier everyday!

▲ Cute plates for the children.


『Raspberry milk』

very sweet and yummy♪

▲ Children love it too!


▲ They have vegetable beer too xD

Such a nice place to visit with children xD♪