【RAKUTEN-OUFU】Too yummy to be true/ too filling to be true for the price!!!!! Amazing Hong Kong restaurant in Sasazuka!!! (Shibuya, Shinjuku area, Tokyo!!!)

Hello everyone!


This is HALOO reporting today!


I found such a fantastic Hong Kong restaurant in Sasazuka so let me introduce this place to you!!!

▲ This is the entrance!


▲ Many local people are having dinner.


▲ we sat near by the window xD

and cheers!!!!!


My friends who took me here today told me that they have a Value package which offers two dishes and one drink for 980yen!


So I ordered two vegetarian dishes and Shinruchu, an Apricot liqueur with soda xD


The drink came in full potion therefore I expected the dishes would come in small potion hoever,,,,,

▲ It came in this huge potion!!!

This is not even for one person I think xD


Anf its so tasty!!!
the seasoning is absolutely special! Not like Japanese nor Chinese as far as I know!!! The use of chili is different!!!
It is spicy but does not last for a long and it only emphasizes the fresh flavor of the cucumber!!!
The second dish of mine was a salad.

▲ The dressing contains a lot of ginger and I loved this so much!

The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) is also very good! The texture is amazing!!

▲ The Otoushi (Small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was this! the pickles! so fresh and crunchy!!!


▲ My friend’s first dish was this!

Prawn with chili sauce! In this full potion!!!!!


I cannot believe this cost-performance!!!!! How is it possible??


They are all so tasty too!!!

My friend’s husband ordered his favorite menu.

It’s a spicy Ramen with wok rice and sweets!

▲ and this was a wow!!!!

its fried Tofu! And it came in a totally different look from what we imagined!!!
Its crispy outside and so melty soft inside!!!!
it was just amazing!!!!!


And we got another plate of this xD lol

▲ lets drink more xD

Since we did not feel like to drink much, we chose the Value menu but we ended up having three drinks each…!!!!
its because of the super entertaining dishes!!!!!

▲ fired Gobou!!

The skin is very very crispy and crunchy then the Gobou itself is soft and rich of aroma…. Its delicious!!!

▲ Edamame! Is a MUST!!

Then the second dish of my friend was this!

▲ Jellyfish salad!

Of course in this full potion xD


And our bestest favorite was this!!

▲ its Daikon-mochi!!!

Suuuuuupeeeeer delicious!!!!

We could not stop eating this and ordered another plate of this xD lol

▲ Such friendly owners and we had a peeeeeerfect dinner!!!!

Thank you so much!!!


They have many different courses so we can come back in any types of occasion!!!!! I am so happy to have found this place!!!!!