【Tequila & coffee KASEDA】Super cool hidden bar in Sasazuka! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

Hello everyone!

This is Haloo reporting!

As I accidentally found a very nice bar on my way back home after work, I would like to share my experience!!!!

There was a light on in my favorite Lunch restaurant in midnight! So I got curious and decided to enter!

▲ Go up this stairs

(I took this photo after enjoying my night here thus it says “Closse” but it is Open until 3am or later!!!

I went inside and found that the interior is the same as it is of the Lunch operation but, at the bar there were many people enjoying drinks cheerfully with different atmosphere!!

▲ The space itself is very cozy.

▲ The projector shows live football match!

▲ Regular customers speaking with the bartender!!

I got seated on the sofa relaxing alone.
Based on the bartender’s recommendation, I ordered a shot of tequila!
I asked for his assistance in choosing a right one by saying “I prefer dark color and with full aroma when it is about alcoholic drinks in general.”

▲ And this was his choice for me!♪

He served it in a rock glass and I asked for a bottle of soda so I can control the touch of the drink.
I highly enjoyed it for it was very aromatic and still refreshing so I could drink it easily with joy.

▲ Very tasty.♡

I had a look of the menu list and found that they serve some food as well.
There is a kitchen behind the bar!

▲ I moved to the bar to order the second drink!

And there are a lot of mysterious drinks!!

▲ They have “Milk Sake”…

mmmmmm….. fascinates me xD

The other customers were mostly having beer and cocktails.
So I asked the bar-tender for another recommendation of the house.
He said, “well,,,,,, Tequila I would say xD”

▲ Super friendly bartender the owner of the house, Mr. Kaseda!

I told him that I really enjoyed the first one he chose for me so I would like to keep the same truck but maybe slightly different one.

▲ And this is what he chose!

I have tried this one before but that is over 6 years ago so I was exciting xD

It tasted a lot more aromatic than the first one, this one feels stronger and very rich in flavor! I like this one too!!

▲ I did top up with soda to make it easier for me to drink.

Also, I started to have a conversation with the person sitting next to me and we found many common topics we are interested in ie, literature and business.
We enjoyed chatting for 2 hours then xD

Other regular customers friendlily gave us candies and it was such a nice atmosphere and it never felt that I came here by myself actually xD

I would like to come back here again and wish to speak with more people and Mr. kaseda xD

Thank you very much for the relaxing and friendly time with the grate selections of tequila!!!!