【Umakaraage to Izakameshi MIRAIZAKA Ooyamakitaguchiekimae brunch】Beer and Whisky soda at super low price! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening! This is Maimaimie


Today I came to Oookayama to explore this area as it is now becoming very popular and developing rapidly!

I found a very nice Izakaya here so I would like to introduce this place!

▲ Located in this building!

It is a nice place for big groups of ppl to enjoy dinner!

▲ This is how it looks!

They have both smoking and non-smoking area!

▲ Hoooooow reasonable pricing!!!

Whisky soda is for less than 200yen?!?!?!

and the Premium malts (popular beer) is for less than 300yen!!!!!??????
For this reason , this place is super recommendable for students too!!!!!

▲ Cheers!

『Jim beam soda』and『Premium Malts』!!

of course full potion xD

▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was this!

This Miso dip was garlic miso!
I loved it so much xD

▲ Our first dish was this!

『Grilled mentaiko』♡

Yummmmmmmy xD !!!! No doubt!!!!!!!!!!

▲ and then this xD

『House made Ham on Potato salad』

The ham is seasoned sweet and hot! This was so good with the potato salad!
Makes us enjoy the drinks more!!!

▲ Main dish!


whole Chiken thighs Karaage!

Definitely a house’s specialty!!!!!


▲ the desert♪

『Fluffy soft snowy pudding』

The presentation is cute too xD

Underneath the cream , pudding was hidden there!

▲ This is the equipment to make orders.

It was a very nice place to dinner♪