【JOLLYS】Pub to enjoy low price and fun in Ebisu!! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!
This is Ebizo!

「JOLLYS」is the place i chose tonight!


Let’s go inside!!!

▲ exciting♪


▲ This is like a convenience store!

We pick up the ones we want♪

They have many different types of drinks(*^^)v

▲ and foreingn 『snacks』and『instant noodles』lol

They also have traditional Japanese snacks which make us feel so nostalgic!!!!

It does not seem like a pub!!

after choosing what you buy,

▲ we pay at this cashier!

then go to this space to eat and drink!

▲ hahaha♪

This is just like a home party but what is different from it is that they have mannnny more different things than a convenience store near your place♪

nostalgic drinks…..


▲ we all had fun in this unique shop!