【madosh! cafe】Tasty cafe meal featuring Avocado in Shinokitazawa♪ (Shibuya area in Tokyo!)

This is HALOO reporting!

Today i walked through Shimokitazawa to enjoy this sunny day and found a nice place to lunch and dinner so I would like to introduce this place♪

「madosh! cafe」I was attracted by the photos of the dishes♪


▲ my friend decided to go in! I didn’t know that he is also a fan of avocado♪

Let’s go up the stairs♪

▲ Again the big avocado object welcomes us♪

We are very excited♡

▲ The interior is cute♪

Let’s order food!

▲ here♪

▲ All dishes seem to contain a lot of avocado♪

Soooooo many dishes♪ Cannot decide which one to go!

▲ They told us the set menu for lunch and dinner is reasonable♪

As i wanted a bunch of avocado but nothing else very much, my friend suggested that we should order two meals he likes and i can take as much avocado as i want from the two!

▲ The set menu include「Avocado smoothie」

and this is super tasty><! it was a surprise♪
This is very creamy like a yogurt drink with fresh and rich avocado taste♪
I had it at once♪ but i feel that it is pretty filling?

▲ So many syrups!!

Girls are putting the flavored syrups in their avocado drink♪
I enjoyed mine as plain♡

▲ The set menu include two different kinds of soup♪

The two are named「Suzuki Sonoko」who is famous for being pale and「Matsuzaki Shigeru」who is famous for being tanned!
The soup got the same colors as them♪ lol
Look at this♪

▲ hahahahaha♪

Both soup taste asian and i liked the white one as for my friend the black one tasted better he said♪

▲ These snacks are All you can eat♪

This is fun♪

▲ Many different drinks are on the list and♪

We took this club soda and put some syrups to make it like a summer drink♪♪

▲ Look what they have♪

▲ The interior is pop but relaxing♪

The waiter called my friend’s name now!

They take customer’s name when we order meal and call us by our name when it’s ready!!

These are what my friend ordered♪

▲ Woooohoooooooooooo♪

「I wanted to have both」he said ♪

▲ he seems so exciting to have two meals in front of him♪ lol

「Yukked bowl」

▲ and「Negator bowl」

It is understandable that he could not decide which one to take! Both look tempting!
「Both taste very good!!!! i can really finish the two」♪

▲ The extra seasonings are at the bar♪

I got as much avocado as i want♪

they put extra avocado for free of charge!!!!
The avocado is very fresh and rich and it is super tasty with Wasabi and soy sauce!!♪
I am very much satisfied♪
I had a lot of snacks too♪It was truly reasonable♪

I will come here again♪