【Teppan yaki GINMEISUI】Such a happy time with Teppan cuisine in Ginza! (Tokyo!!!)

This is Yukachi!

Today I am in Ginza to have some nice dinner!
The restaurant is located in the building of GINZA GREEN ! It is on the 8th floor!

▲ Teppan place!

They have many different types of tables and we were seated at the bar counter!

so many customers are enjoying their evening here!!!!

Today we ordered a course menu♪

▲ Let’s have some beer while waiting for the meal!


▲ The first plate.

The tofu dish was soooooo goooooood xD

▲ The second dish.

Fatty foie gras with the refreshing sauce was beautiful…!

▲ The third dish!

『Butter nuts pumpkin cold soup』
It had some coconut oil on top……
It was super tasty…….

▲ the fourth dish,

Awabi stake.
Awabi is my all time favorite food and this is so thick and rich!!!!
such a delicious dish!!!!!♪♪

▲ 5th dish was

『seasonal salad』 I loved this sweet corn dressing!

▲ the main dish!

Japanese black hair beef was the main dish of the course♪

▲ The chef prepares all the Teppan dishes here.

so nice work♪

▲ beautiful!

I love this view from our table♪

▲ super beautiful with all these special spices!!!!!

Tender and juicy and i have lost my words……..

▲ the 7th dish.

『Garlic rice』

amazingly, this contained Shiso leaves!!!! and it matches well with garlic rice! what a fusion dish!
super creative! I d say….!
The miso soup and the Japanese pickles were also very sophisticated….

▲ we choose the sweets now.


▲ Tada-!!!!

『Vanilla ice cram』

My friend had told them that it was my birthday so the plate had this message on…. xD

▲ enjoyed it with the tea..

This tea was special too. Vanilla flavor sweet aroma.

▲ yayyyyyy♪

This place is very much recommendable for many different occasions♪