【Nagasaki Marugotoya】Nagasaki pref.’s cuisine Izakaya! in Ginza!, Tokyo!!!

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!

Tonight I came to Ginza not for randomly but for one particular restaurant!

This is the place!

▲ This is the building♪

Let’s go to the second floor and the entrance is this!

▲ ♪


▲ The inside!

Looking pretty casual!

Let’s order food xD!

▲ Otoushi (Small appetizer comes with the first drink) was『Saba no Bouzushi』

Such a popular sushi is the Otoushi here! So lucky!!!

『A plate of popular Nagasaki sashimi』

Sooooo unique plate of Sashimi (゜o゜)

▲ The soy sauce is also Nagasaki specialty and different from what we taste as soy sauce in general!

Such a nice experience~♪

『Kibinago Ichiyaboshi』

This is making our drinks more enjoyable!

『Uchiwa shrimp garlic wok』

They have only 5 dishes of this a day! The shrimp meat has super nice texture!!

『Bettendorf Karaage』

Very tasty!

『Japanese beef Lemon stake』

The seasoning can be chosen from light and rich!

▲ I got the rich (oily) one!!!


▲ my mates for dinner tonight!


Such a nice dinner and i am very much satisfied xD