【DONKI】Miyazaki chicken and Authentic Shouchu! (Ueno, Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Yukachi!

Today I came to Ueno, one of the cities became pretty popular among international tourists recently.

▲ We are going to have dinner here tonight♪

Let’s go!

▲ Hello!


▲ Cheers♪

Let’s order food too!

▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was this!

「Karamari innards marine」so unique!

▲ The menu says…♪

that they have a set menu which is offered only for the customers at the bar, not the table!

Interesting…! so we decided to go for it!


▲ This was the first dish!


▲ the second dish!


▲ the third dish

This is fantastic!soooooo enjoyable and we got more drinks xD

▲ and my favorite


This Satsumaage is so special!!!!! sooooo fluffy and soft♡

▲ These are what the regular customers brought in the shop and left here! lol

all these unique ingredients (sauce and seasonings) are left here to enjoy the Satsumaage in different flavors xD

sooooooo unique and lovely system xD

▲ and the authentic shouchu!!!!

so we got some!

▲ yayyyyyy

actually these are not shouchu but Umeshu♡ 2 different types! xD

▲ and this dish match so well the Umeshu! Karamari shiokara!

▲ at once!

so delicious !

▲ hihihi


▲ and we ordered this extra potion as it was too good !!!

This time, a full size!

▲ Then the last dish!

This is taking 72 hours to stew the chicken…..! wow♪

▲ too good dinner^^

Thank you for this nice dinner♪