【Singapore Seafood public】Singaporean food tonight xD in Shinagawa! (Tokyo!!)

This is Chacham reporting today!

I came to Shinagawa for dinner with my daughter as we found a nice place called「Singapore seafood public」!!

▲ This is the place!!

It takes just a moment from the station!

▲ Today I am with my girlfriend♪

We are expecting the house to be family friendly since we are with our children!!

▲ Let’s go!!

We are seated at this sofa♪

▲ Yayyyyy♪

We got none-alcohols beer!!

▲ and this one for the men♪


The first dish is this xD

▲ herbal salad!!

The coriander is so tasty xD

▲ and this Singaporean chicken dish xD

soon good!!!
Wanna eat more meat!!

This was recommended then♪

▲ It is a Malaysian beef stew


and we wanna keep eating the good food xD

▲ yayyyyyyyyy♪

and the main dish is this!!

▲ spicy 『Chilli crab』!!


They have 8 different flavors for this crab dish and I chose the chili one.



he sauce is too delicious to leave out so we got steamed bread and dip it into the sauce to enjoy it till the last drop!

and we ordered the last dish!

▲ This mayo dish xS

The seafodd taste so fresh and it was just great!!!!!

Thank you!!