【DARUMAYA】Izakaya specialized in Sardine!!!! Amazing variation!! in Ooimachi!!! (Tokyo)

Good evening!
This is Nori again xD

Tonight I was walking around the city being bit tipsy and found one mysterious looking shop/



▲ It says “Iwashi cuisine DARUMAYA”!

What? Iwashi cuisine???? Iwashi is Sardine. But I cant come up with so many dishes of Sardine!!!!
I got very curious and decided to go in!


▲ You can tell that I am already tipsy by my face I guess xD@_@

I am having more beer!!! xD

Wait,,,,, look at this menu! Its hilarious!!!!!


▲ They are all Sardine dishes!!!!! more than 50 variations?????!!!!!

I mean,,,,, they are dishes which feature Sardine!!!!

Let me have some of them coz its amazing! I have never seen a place like this!!!


▲ OMG!!!!!

This is the Sashimi plate offered for 650yen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I don’t believe this….. insane……….

So fresh and fat!!! and delicious!!!!! And this price????????


▲ This one is with yam!!!!

And its yummmmmmmm!!!!!! xD beautiful actually!!!


▲ This is called “Hone senbei” meaning, Born rice cracker!

The fish born which is dried and cooked so its as crunchy as Rice cracker xD

This made me enjoy beer xD


▲ I know I look so drunk now… xD


▲ But this born made me wanna drink more xD


▲ And this is the last dish for tonight xD

Very very tasty …………

I enjoyed Sardine at maximal degree tonight very accidentally!!!!!!!
I am soooooooo happy !!!!!!!!!


▲ My way to the train station xD