【Baboo Shokudou】Very hidden special bar serves various dishes from all over the world in high quality!!!!!!

Hello! This is Nori speaking today!

Today I was obsessed with Chinese food somehow and came to the China town in Yokohama city!


▲ Yokohama China town!!!

I have arrived a bit too early for the time to meet my mates so decided to find a nice bar I can go alone while waiting for them.

I was walking along the main street but did not find one interests me so much..
Then took a little side street and found this corner!


▲ This atmosphere is what I wanted!


『LION STOUT』Beer from Sri Lanka!!!


▲ As I was alone when I arrived this house, the waiters came to talk to me friendlily.

And they told me the circumstance of today’s China town and bar industry.
I felt like home and enjoyed my beer a lot.
This house serves Okinawa cuisine and Sicilia cuisine as well!!!! It is a surprise!!!!!


▲ The Okinawa cuisine menu!

It is a very international place with very unique choice of cuisines!


▲ The bar and the tables.

I wanted to stay here for more drinks but since my mates have arrived in Yokohama, I must leave here now.


▲ I know that I am coming back here again!


▲ Thank you so much for such a nice time!!!!!




I am a mogood team leader xD also a huge Highball (Whisky and soda) Lover, always seeking nice places for eat and drink cheerfully!! Especially Izakaya (Japanese pubs), Yokochou (Pub alley) and Beer gardens! Let's party with me!!!

Shop Info

Name Baboo Shokudou
Phone number 045-228-8146 ※Please tell them that you saw this article in mogood when you make areservation xD
Address 〒231-0023 Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Yamashita 146-2 MAP
Access 4 minutes from Motomachi, Yokohama-chuukagai station
Opening hour 12:00~23:00(Tuesday 18:00~23:00)
Holiday 無休

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