【KANTON-HANTEN】Chinese dinner with 57 years history!



This is Kaede reporting!!


Today I came to Yokohama with Nori as our new friends told us about the Chinese restaurant he own here in China town!!


This is Nori!The restaurant is located not too far from the station! It is on the main street!


▲ This is it!!

His restaurant is so much bigger than we thought!!


▲ They have reserved a private room for us! Lets go!!



▲ The owner and the chief chef!!



▲ Since Nori and I were expecting our birthdays in few days, they gave us the Champaign for a surprise!!
Nori is super happy and excited!!



▲ I am also super happy for this surprise!!

Lets get some food xD



▲ We were super hungry and ordered a lot!!!



『Jellyfish』『Poke stake』『Steamed chicken』Our best favorite was the steamed chicken with the special sauce!! The sauce was something similar to Salt-onion sauce and tasty!!!!!


▲ Look how delicious it is!!!!!!!! Can you tell????




『Seafood dumpling with XO say sauce

The XO sauce makes is so perfect!!!


『Steamed dumpling of Awabi and dried Kaibashira』The subtle Kaibashira s taste is amazing and I love the rich flavor of the seafood xD




▲ This is Nori’s request!!!! A dish with Moyashi and coriander his favorite!!


We asked for the coriander separately for one of our friends cannot eat it lol




▲ They have a quite few coriander dishes!!!



『Shark fin』

Look how shiny this is!!!

The potion is ample for three of us and the soup tastes amazing!!!!!
We are having another dish now!


『Seafood and asparagus XO soy sauce wok

This is also delicious! The combination of the asparagus and the seafood is very well!!


Now we would like to have some hot pod!!


『大海老と春雨のXO醤鍋』『Prawn and Harusame XOsoy sauce Hot pod


We are huge fans of XO sauce!!!!!! The Chinese cabbage is super!!!!!!


▲ We are totally satisfied!!!!!

Such happy tammies!!!


▲ And we felt that we needed some exercise and here I tried!!!

LOL look how inflexible I am!!!!! xD LOL


『Coconut milk with Tapioca』and『Mango pudding』

Usually I don’t take sweets but these ones are not too sweet and very sophisticated and I enjoyed them a lot!!!
This place made me fall in love with China town this time!!


▲ The interior is very lovely xD

Here they sell house made Chinese sweets and some surveniors too!


▲ This is the table seats on the 1st floor!!



▲ The smoking area on the 2nd floor!!

We can smoke here.

2階の廊下とのんさまThe corridor is beautiful too xD

They have many guest rooms on the both sides of the corridor. Some of the rooms have a capacity of 30-50 ppl!!!!


And they have some part course menu too xD

The price range is between 2000yen and 15000yen!


I highly recommend this place to everyone who love Chinese food and good atmosphere xD