【10th story(Shibuya brunch) 】Perfect place to home party?! xD Nice food and a lot of games!!!

Good evening everyone!
This is Ushi speaking xD

Are you guys in love?
I have been single for the last some years and wishing to have a girlfriend sometime soon. Thus these days after work I often join Goukon (A party where a girl and a boy introduce their friends to each other for potential coupling!)
But being successful in Goukon is never easy because we have to be able to make it outstandingly enjoyable for the girls! This requires us to choose a good place with nice foods and drinks as well as to be funny!

Today, my friend Nori took me to a place called 「10th story」in Shibuya! He says that this place is perfect for such parties!
I am excited xD !!!!!


▲ Nori xD

We walked about 5 minute from the Shibuya station and are already here!

入店すると「Let's HOME PARTY」と「土足厳禁」の文字が。

▲ This is how it looks from the entrance!

There are two signs hanging “Lets home party” and “Shoes off please!”


▲ There are several rooms like this. We reserved one for our company.

There were different types of room too including the one with BBQ equipment.

Lets start drinking xD


▲ They have various drinks! All-you-can-drink for 1500yen??????

Wow! I definatelly go for that!!!


▲ Pub food menu

We ordered the waiters’ recommendations which are 『Harami stake』and 『Cheese fondue sauce』.


▲ They even offer Hot pod too!!!!

We chose one of them!! In winter time hot pod is the best xD


▲ This was the Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks).『Stewed innard』

Such an unique Otoushi!

Then the appetizer we ordered was this.

『チーズたちの宴 feat.生ハムパイセン』

『A party of Many cheese with row ham』

Funny name xD It sounds a party place as it is!
The taste is grate though!

There were many dishes named funny like “Girls! We know you all love this! Better to order or you will for sure regret grilled caprese!”

Hahahaha!! What a humorous!


『Potate with skin and greedy anchovy sauce』

I love French fries! With anchovy, it is addictive!
The taste is sophisticated and I bet it is enjoyable for gastronomic girls too!


▲ And now the owner of the house brought these toys!

They are all provided for free of charge in order for the customers to have fun!!

This must help the Goukon party to be successful!!

Lets play some of them!


▲ We chose a card game.

Each card says an order and we must do what it says!
Some of them are sexy, but not too much, like “a kiss” xD


『Kimchi hot pod with a bunch of innard』

Yayyyyy! The hot pod arrived!!
Mmmmmmmm it is delicious!!! It’s a bit spicy so makes us drink more drinks!

『10th stoty 名物ハラミステーキ with有機野菜』

『10th stoty popular Harami stake with organic vegetables』

It is entertaining xD


▲ The plate is a stone plate and Ultra red ray effect helps to cook it in a way the meat will be juicy and soft.

Thus we do not have to rush to eat it!


▲ 』cheese fondue』

The most popular dish of the house! They suggested me to try the stake with this chees!

Lets try!


▲ The meat dive into the chees!!!♪

Mmmmmm!!!!!! This is fabulous!

This place is for sure grate for such occasion as Goukon I believe!
Thanks to the「10th story 」the girls said that they enjoyed the evening as well!!

This place offers a lot of party goods such as toys, games and party costumes too!

When I organize the next Goukon in Shibuya area, this will be the place definetaly!!!!!