【Kai to Sakana to Robata no Bambi】Hidden seafood cuisine with many surprises in Tokyo! (Kitasenju)

Hiyaaaaa! This is Ebizo reporting tonight!

I came to Kitasenju area to have heard that there appeared a new restaurant in Kitasenju west exit area!
It’s called “Kai to Sakana to Robata no Bambi”

This area has been popular for the locals’ hidden pubs and introduced by media recently.
「Kai to Sakana to Robata no Bambi」 is the new entry in this competitive market! I am excited xD


▲ This is the indication at the entrance! It says “welcome! 29 steps up to the 3rd floor!” And this little box contains a bell as well.
As I ringed the bell they told me a table number. Mysterious!

Lets go!


▲ Such a small sign of the shop!

As we opened the door, there was a big sign like this,


▲ Welcoming to the house!

Along the corridor there are doors with number written on, then I remembered the number they gave me.


▲ Like this

As the number we were told was 10, looked for it and


▲ found it!


▲ This is the view from our seat.

There are a lot of seasonal ingredients. The kitchen is in front of us.
This is a non-smoking area.


▲ Apart from the counter bar, there were tables as well. This seems to be a smoking area.

And this is the owner.

さわやかイケメンなのに実は私より年上の「宮下 悟」さん。

▲ A friendly guy!

The interior design is very unique and we looked for a menu…

Haha, there us some menu on the air-conditioner!


▲ They are all drinks with green tea!!!???

???? 『Matcha green tea beer?』 What??????!!!!!!!! We have never heard a thing like this!


▲ We were too curious and ordered it. Lol

It tastes definitely but actually Matcha tastes well with beer!!! I think this is good for those who do not enjoy beer! (but perhaps not for those who do not ike Matcha… haha)

The appetizer comes with the first drink (This system is called “Otoushi”) was a shell fish dish!

“貝” 。 器が面白いです!

▲ Yayyyyy!

And the food menu was like this!


▲ Chef’s recommendation.


▲ and more


▲ The regular menu.

Since this is my first time here, I decided to order the chef’s recommendations.


『Shelfish Sashimi』

depending on the day they offer different kinds of shell fish or they only use the ingredients that they got in the morning each day!!! So fresh!!


『Sea treasure salad』

We enjoyed the different textures of every vegetable

Lets go for another drink!
There are a lot more curious drinks in the menu!


▲ 『Raw Matcha tea with shouchu』

The waiter prepares the tea at our table! Such a nice presentation!

They told us that all of them got training of tea making from a professional lady who carry out tea celemony.


▲ Something is happening in the Robata area in the kitchen!



▲ It was for the sake of preparing this!

『Smoked carpachio』
Nice presentation again! And the smoky flavor is fantastic!


▲ Waiter “Thank you for waiting!”

Food keep coming up!!!


▲ This looks an ordinary French fries but in fact…..


▲ It’s all house made with this machine!!!!

When someone orders this dish, everyone in the restaurant can watch it been prepared, the entire process!!

The owner let me try to take a part!


▲ Fuーーーーーーーn xD♪!

The last dish for tonight we chose is this.

『三浦野菜のオーブン焼 トロけるチーズがけ』

『Vegetables from Miura oven gril and melty cheese on top』

Looks too yummy xD


▲ The chees was put on top at our table! This house is focused on both the quality of the dish and the presentation as entertainment!


In the end, we could eat some more so we ordered one piece of


『Surimi oven gril』!

It tastes sooooo gooood!!

In addition we would like to share this photo coz it is so unique!
This is what we found in the toilet!


▲ Train time table to indicate the time of the last trains.

And on the wall I found this


▲ ”It’s all fiiiiiiiiiiine xD”

Their entertaining mentality was found in every sights and we had such a nice evening!!!!!!!

Thank you very much 「Kai to Robata no Bambi」!!!!!!