【Suage Sakaba PARIPARI】Neo Izakaya to enjoy Neo fried-chicken in Kitasenju! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!

Today I came to a Japanese pub in Kitasenju to experience new style of Japanese fried chicken.

This is the place!

▲ It is only open recently♪

Let’s go inside♪

▲ Izakaya!!!!

It was too full so we went up to the second floor!

▲ Rather relaxing.

Let’s have a look at the menu!

▲ yay!


『Rich grapefruits cider』

It contains a lot of grapefruits!

『Black potato salad』

They have black, white and red!
Thi black one we chose contains carbon! and some Iburigakko  (smoked Japanese horse radish pickles)♪

『Stewed innards』

This is my favorite dish!

『Pirikara Gokubuto Menma』

Soooooo good to enjoy the drinks( `―´)ノ

『Taiwan style Niratama』

No doubt, it is good!!

▲ <Tada——-!!!!!>

This is the house’s specialty! fried chicken!!

The extra seasoning spices are great too(*^^)v

▲ <cheers with friends♪>

This Izakaya is fantastic♪