【Pesce Uno fresco】Hidden and fancy seafood bistro in Tokyo!

Hello! This is MAMI speaking xD

Do you know Edogawa-bashi station?

It sounds to be in Edogawa district but in fact is located in Bunkyou district.
That is the place I headed today for dinner.

It is a seafood bistro called 「Pesce Uno fresco 」!!!


▲ This is the street called “Jizou douri” where many restaurants are situated.


▲ This is the place I had my dinner today! It is the only restaurant which has 3floors so it’s easy to find!


▲ The menu!♪

The pricing is rather reasonable!


▲ Cheers with Premium MALTS, our favorite!♪


▲ The appetizer was『Roasted Beef』!

Mmmm! Grate!!!!


『House’s specialty! Carpaccio』

7 different seafood is in one place xD Luxury!!
It is only 980yen!!!! Cannot believe it!!!

And they are so resh!!!! xD


▲ It was like a treasure box of ocean!


『Smoked seafood plate』

This is also delicious!
With a little bit of soy sauce, the aroma from the smoked seafood is very rich and still fresh!!!


『Bistro’s fish and chips』

The texture is amazing!
Garlic flavored potato is addictive!
It is only 690yen!!!!!!!

This makes us wanna drink more beer xD

The last dish is this!


『Sweet and spicy Salsa pizza』680yen

It is a house made Pizza. The bread’s flavor is unique and delicious!
I am in love with this!!

I will come back again!
The cost performance is amazing!!!! Seriously!!!