【Med. 】mediterranean cuisine in Nishi-Azabu!!! (Roppongi! Tokyo!)

Hello! This is Nori!
Today I came to a new mediterranean restaurant in Nishi-azabu!
The place is called 「med.」!!

It serves dishes from Italian, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Morocco!
It already sounds like a food party!

I am very excited!!!!

Let’s order food!!!


▲ The first drink is of course “High ball” (Whisky soda)


▲ Very Volumy simple salad!


▲ Woooohooooooo! Ham xD


▲ Pinchos pf House made Anchovy and cream cheese!

This was awesome! The balance between the Anchovy and cream cheese was amazing!!


▲ Beef filet Carpaccio!

Everything is truly tasty!

And the next dish is what I was longing for!!!


▲ So much of the seafood!

This is THE Meditarainian!!!!

The soup is delicious!!! It contains the juice from all these seafood and I wished to have a lot more!!!!!



▲ We made Risotto out of it!!!

The rice captures the delicious soup!!!
This is no doubt!!!

We highly recommend this!!!!


▲ This was brought by the waiter as a service!!

They saw us enjoying the food so much and gave us this extra!!

This was super tasty too but we drank too much and forgot to take photos of other dishes came after this!!


▲ This is how the house look!

It was such a nice evening!