【Napoleon Fish】Chinese restaurant specialized in fermented food! (Azabujuuban! Tokyo!!)

Good evening!
This is Nori speaking! Today I will go to a Chinese cuisine recommended by my gastronomic friend!
I would like to share my experience with you!

I heard that this place is specialized in fromented food.

Let’s start!


▲ This was the Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink!)

This is pickled vegetables.


▲ And this drink is the premium quality o Oolong tea!

Very fancy xD


▲ Shisen cuisine’s specialty “Yodare Tori”

Very hot but addictive!


Celery salad salt and lemon flavor

Very refreshing and tasty!
I love it!!!


Makomo mushroom and seasonal vegetables Chinese wok

This is no doubt! Surely everyone’s favorite xD
I am a big fan of the texture of the Makomo mushroom and their seasoning is just beautiful!!!


▲ A Tofu dish!

This one is like Ma-bo doufu and very spicy!
We sweat as if we took shower!


▲ Sweet potato starch sticky dumpling


Shrimp and Yellow chives light seasoned wok


Shisen duck

It is definitely different derom Pekin duck! It is thicker and we loved it!!


覇王排 皇帝スペアリブ

▲ The main dish!!

Look at this volume of rib meat!
The quality of the chili and soy sauce is amazing! Their technique is extracting the rich taste of the meat!!!

We loved every dish we had today!!!

I think I will come back here for another time to experience more dishes sometime soon!!!