【FALAFEL BROTHERS】FALAFEL bar in Roppongi! (Tokyo!!!)

Hello! This is Maimaimie

Today I came to a Falafel bar in Roppongi^ ^

▲ It is called「FALAFEL BROTHERS」!

It is a rare shop in Japan!

▲ They are receiving a lot of flowers as they newly opened !


▲ We order here!

I would like to show you the menu.

▲ We chose the base, and toppings separately♪

This is the 『Falafel sandwich』
It contains 5 falafels and the toppings of your choice♡

▲ This is amazing!!!!!! super satisfying!

▲ and this one is mine♪『Humus sandwich』

The dressing is super tasty too^ ^

This is like a warm sandwich but the pita is very special!

▲ Organic coffee too♪

▲ although they serve alcoholic drinks too♪


I am super happy with the food of this house xD