【the ringo】「Food × Art 」Super modern Spanish cuisine!

Good evening!!

This is Ebizo!!!!

Tonight I am in Nishi-Azabu as we leant that there is a newly opened stylish Spanish place here!!!

「the ringo」

▲ The entrance!!♪

▲ The interior!!♪

I find this place very fancy xD

Let’s order something to start the dinner!!

▲ The variation is grate xD

▲ I took Hineken!

『White fugst salame』

This appetizer is Katakan original traditional sausage.

『Spanish Omelet』

Very soft and nice omelet with garlic mayo!!!
This is super tasty!!!

『Corriander Bacon Lime Salad』

『Ostrich Tartar』

This tastes like horse meat and feels very healthy!

I just realized that the music played here has been so good taste! And they told us that there is a sound engineer specially hired for this restaurant!!!!

Waaaaaw…. (≧◇≦)

▲ Haha,, this is me being very happy for the evening!♪

▲ I do not usually drink red wine but today I am up for it coz I am way happy!♪

『Foie gras Pudding』

This may look like a sweets but it wasn’t. This is more like Chawanmushi!
Very stylish and tasty dish!

It came with salt, red wine and maple syrup!!!

『Truffle potato salad』

Isn’t this gorgeous? I am impressed!!!!!

▲ They are arty too!!!!



and more

▲ Cute xD(*´ω`*)


The squid ink is very rich in flavor and I ate so much of this!

『Pasta paella』

The soup contains the juice of all these seafood and the pasta captures that… It was a beautiful dish!!!!

▲ The waiters help sharing.(´▽`)

Beautiful food and drinks with very sophisticated music in a place with fancy atmosphere xD
I would like to take my date here for sure…..

Thank you 「the ringo」!!!