【Kitchen】Fantastic Vietnamese cuisine in Hiroo! (Ebisu, Shibuya area in Tokyo)

Good evening!
This is Aika Kimura reporting tonight!

Today I am going to a Vietnamese restaurant xD


▲ This is the place I chose!♪

It is located in between Hiroo, Azabujuuban, Nogizaka and Roppongi station! What a fancy location!!

I am ready for the Tiger beer!! That is why,


▲ I am dressing this T- shirt!!

However! This place offers only Saigon beer! xD

No problem! I love Saigon beer too!! Lol


『Saigon special beer』¥600

Like how the Vietnamese people do, they put ice cubes in the beer!
This way we can drink more beer than usual!

We decided to drink all the beer in the house! Lol

With these two friends, I will try to drink as much as possible xD


▲ They are holding the Menu of the house!

Let’s begin the dinner with 『Summer roll』!

1本 ¥500

▲ ¥500


▲ It came with four different sauces!!

『バインセオ』 ¥2,300

『Bainseo』 ¥2,300

It seems to be like Vietnamese version of Okonomiyaki!
The crunchy texture is very nice with the fresh bean sprouts!
The seasoning is grate too!


▲ 『Chinese water spinach Salad』

I didn’t know that Chinese water spinach can be like this when it s sliced longitudinally!
It contains a lot of Coriander too!


『Hue’s fried spring roll』and『Saigon’s fried spring roll』

Although they are deeply fried, they are not too oily and taste fresh with the herbs!!!
I love Vietnamese food coz they all come with a lot of vegetables!


『Vietnamese style boiled pork』


▲ We could not finish all the beer they have in the house, but we have drank this many!!!!!! xD

We enjoyed everything so perfectly!

Thank you very much 「Kitchen」!!