【Yamato Takoru】Takoyaki specialized Izakaya in Roppongi!!! (Tokyo)

Good evening! This is Aika Kimura!

Today after dinner I wanted to have some drink and I found a place like this!


▲ Roppongi yokochou!♪


▲ In the Yokochou, there is a plce called 『Yamato Takoru』

The reason I chose this place out of many pubs was because they have 『Dorogame shouchu』my best favorite drink in the world!!!


▲ ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Do you believe????
I met the producer of the 『Dorogame shouchu』!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe this!!!!

I am having it with extreme club soda! A very spicy one!
I am too happy to be able to enjoy my best favorite drink with its producer!!!!! We had a lot of them today!!!!!


▲ They have many food menu too!

Many different Takoyaki!!!! xD

『焼き放題コース』¥1,980 やってみたいな~。

▲ 『Eat as much as you want Takoyaki for 1980 yen』!!!?????

I was not hungry at all but this was too tempting and we ordered one takoyaki plate!

『たこ焼き 醤油 6個』¥500

『Soy sauce Takoyaki』 6 pieces 500 yen¥500

Its sooooooo gooooood xD

I am way happy today!!!