【SaamRoa】Authentic Thai restaurant operated by Thai chef in Azabujuban! (Roppongi area, Tokyo!!!)


This is HALOO!
Today after my night swimming class, I and my fired decided to have late dinner together♪

and found this place!

▲ saying “Authentic Thai”!

We loved the atmosphere!

▲ so why not try this place today!?

▲ Right?

It seems to be a large place!

▲ Good evening!

Going u the stairs……

▲ exciting…..!


▲ looking nice here too!!

woo♪ we found a terrace!

▲ Let’s sit here for the summer wind is very nice♪

We feel like to be in a foreign country♪

▲ and it’s of course Thailand xD ♪

Let’s have a look at the menu♪

▲ The photos help us to imagine the dishes♪

wooooo they have quite a few dishes……

▲ so many pages and

▲ we cannot decide on one…..


▲ We decided to order whatever we feel like to and eat them all xD♪

Tonight we become food fighters xD


btw this cup for the water is icy- cold and nice!!!!

▲ The first dish was this!

Thai wok Kuushinsai! tastes so gooooood!!!

Papaya salad is my favorite!

Super fresh papaya and the sweet hot chili is such a tasty combination!!!

crazily yummy!!

Vegetables and prawn wok

My friend loves this dish!!

and Thai wok rice

▲ This was the best dish ever…….!!!!♪

We ordered more than we usually do but we ate all because all were so enjoyable!!!

and we ordered even more dish…..!!! crazy!!!

Rice noodle wok

The sticky texture of the noodle and the herbs…… haa….. sighs…..
sooooo good….

▲ Look how our table looked like in the middle of our dinner♪

so colorful and fun and tasty!

▲ And the chef gave us such a nice smile!!!!

▲ again  this!!!! was just amazing ♪

This wok rice contains nuts and rychee and grape♡
i cannot forget this taste and I know that I will come back here to taste this again…..

▲ They sell Thai zakka as well!♡

super recommendable if you are seeking an authentic thai meal!!!!!!