【Soba/Sake TABACHO】Very special *MATURED SOBA* IN GUNMA!!!

Good evening everyone!
This is Ebizo speaking here!

Today I came to a Soba restaurant called 「Soba Sake TABACHO」
I got my friend driving for me so I can have drinks too xD


▲ The sign to the house!


▲ The traditional style of the entrance is cool!


▲ We are seated at the bar!♪

There is just one chef in the kitchen!

Let’s look at the menu now!


▲ The recommendation of the day is hand written!


▲ Regular Soba menu

I ordered appetizers!


▲ Tofu



▲ Edamame


『Creamy spring roll of sweet corn』

This made us happy. The combination of crunchy skin of the spring roll and the creamy corn is beautiful!

We ordered more dishes xD


『Tempura plate』

Pumpkin, Eggplant, Peas, White meat fish and Maitake mushroom.
Very tasty!!


▲ Tada—–!!!!

This is the『Mature Soba』!!

It is just perfect!!!!

We want to have more Soba now xD


『Pork Seiro Soba』

This is one of the most popular dish of the house since this area is famous for soup dish.
All the Soba used here is called Hine which is from Yamagata pref. that is made of Soba flour which is reserved for two years.
This way it is sweeter than ordinary Soba.

It was such a grate dinner!

Thank you so much 「Soba Sake TABACHO」!!

この店のオーナー「田畑 延生」さんと海老蔵。

▲ A photo with the chef xD