【Horumon Inage Yokochou】Casual Yakiniku BBQ in Inage! (Chiba pref.)

Good evening!

This is Aika Kimura reporting!


▲ Tonight I have my dinner here xD♪

This is the first time for me to come to this area “Inage”!
Very interesting city it seems!
I chose this restaurant because the sign is funny xD

「Hormon Inage Yokochou」!!!


▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was this bunch of cabbage!

And we can get this as much as we want xD


『Kimchi on plate』 ¥580


『Stewed innards』¥390


『Matured beef tartar』¥790


『Onion pontan』¥490

We are enjoying them soooo good with the beer!
The premium malts here is served for 390yen! So reasonable!!!


『Matured beef in bi piece』¥1,680




『Beef lever』¥550

They are all very tasty xD
I am satisfied!!!!!!!!!


▲ Look! Beer pricing here is amazing!!!