【SAKE×Oyester Teppan minatomachi BAR】A newly opened Bar offers delicious Teppan dishes!!!!

This is Ebizo speaking!

Today I came to Gakugei-daigaku area for I heard that there is a bar where we can enjoy 20 special Sake that are carefully selected by a famous Sake planner! And that is serving very fresh and tasty oyster!!

It was a 2 minute walk from the station!

▲ This is the place!♪

▲ This is a bar space xD

▲ and this is the main space!

▲ We were seated at a private room!

The guy in the middle is the owner of the house!

This house used to be a traditional clothing shop thus the space design is antique and very nice xD

▲ This is the famous dish of the house!

So luxury!!!

『Smoked oyster picked in oil』

mmmm…… delicious!!!!

▲ This is the smoking area near by the entrance!♪

『Steamed Oyster』

beautiful xD

『Motsuni (stewed innards) Arabiata style』

This was like a fusion Italian dish xD made us wanna drink wine xD

I enjoyed this place very much xD

Thank you very much「SAKE× Oyster TeppanMinatomachi Bar gakugei-daigaku」!!!!!