【rin246】BAR in Sangenjaya serves quality and various fusion dishes! (Tokyo, Shibuya)

Hello! This is Ushi speaking today!

After work I looked for a place to eat in my local area.
I wanted to try somewhere I have never been before and I found this place that is newly opened called “rin 246”


▲ It is located on the 246 street. 5min walk from Sangenjaya station.

Looks nice from outside!
And we found the board says “Oyster for 300 yen”!!!

We decided to go in!


▲ This is how it looks inside!


▲ We got this big table just for two of us!

It seems that not many people know about this place yet since it is new!


▲ So reasonable!!


▲ Lets wait for the oyster with beer!!


▲ Grate!


▲ Yayyyyy! The oysters came!

Today’s oyster was from Hokkaido!


▲ My friend enjoying it!

We wanted to eat mode food but we found out that this place is operating as a bar after 10pm..


▲ We arrived after 10pm..

ut I was so hungry as I couldn’t get neither breakfast nor lunch today for I was too busy with work..
So I begged and begged,,,,,, please please let me eat something more!


▲ Please please….


▲ Please please please please please….

Although they were already closing the kitchen they offered me some of the dinner menu…..
Thank you……..xD


▲ oyster『Herb butter gril』¥490

Oh my gosh this is so good and I wish to eat many pieces!!

『極なめらか 鶏レバーペースト』¥499

『Super strained chicken lever pesto』¥499


▲ Crunchy caramelize is on the pesto!

Soooo delicious!!! The bucket is quality too!!!


『Burrata cheese and fruits tomato caprese』(Half potion)¥600

This was amazing! The chees contains fresh cream and melts in mouth.. I get addicted!!! The combination of balsamic sauce and fruit tomato is fantastic too!!!


『fried potato』¥580

We ate all at once!

We still wanted to eat more so ordered some dishes from the bar time menu!

まだまだ食べたりないので、お次はBAR TIMEのメニューの中から注文しました。

▲ Bar time menu



I had never tasted smoked Edamame before! It is so much better than I expected! Interesting!

This made me wanna drink more!


▲ The drink menu is funny! Starting with “Real Gin and tonic” “casual mojito” “your mojito” “my mojito” etc…. LOL xD

It is hilarious!!!!!!!!


▲ So this is what I got as I ordered “Real Gin and tonic”!!!!!


▲ The first sip….

I love the flavor! They said that they use Bombay sapphire to make it real xD


▲ It is a Gin born in India.


▲ Very aromatic coz 10 different botanicals are used in it’s production.


▲ Oden menu

As my friend was dying to eat oden, we have ordered some of them.


『Melty whole tomato』¥300


『Horse radish』『Egg』『Kinchaku (Mochi)』¥180 each

They were all juicy and tasty!!!


▲ We didn’t expect to be able to eat even oden when we looked this place from outside! It is amazing that this type of dinner is offering Oden!!!!!♪

Everything was tasty and the price was reasonable!
I know that I am coming back again! Next time I will take the oyster again and with Champaign perhaps xD

Thank you 「rin246」!