【QUATTO】Romantic Italian bistro with nice wine in Tokyo! (Shibuya area)

Hello everyone xD this is Shiori!

It was like every other Friday of mine, when I wake up I wish to come home and take a long sleep as soon as work is done but when work is actually done I have a completely different feeling: “Lets go out for good drinks and food!”

So I called my girl friend Roo, and discussed where to head!
I felt like going somewhere French or Italian and she wanted to drink wine tonight so she chose this place!



It is located on Chazawa street. The second floor of this building.

Today’s recommendation

▲ Today’s recommendation

We chose several dishes from these.

And I took sparkling wine to blow away the stress of the week!

Sparkling wine

▲ Sparkling wine

The Otoushi (one appetizer come together with the first drink) was this.

'Fungi creamy soup'

‘Fungi creamy soup’

'Chicken ham and mushroom salad'

‘Chicken ham and mushroom salad’

They divide the portion for each person and bring to the table. But the portion for each person is sufficient and the both the taste and the volume are satisfactory!
The hum melts and disappear in mouth.. I didn’t know that it’s so tasty……

The next drink we chose was a bottle of wine.

We both are red wine drinkers xD

▲ We both are red wine drinkers xD

poored in this elegant glass!

My girl friend

▲ My girlfriend

'Meuniere of milt with mushroom'

‘Meuniere of milt with mushroom’

very good with red wine we are having..

My friday is perfect….. xD

'Cold yellowtail grilled with herbs'

‘Cold yellowtail grilled with herbs’

woooooo the herbs emphasize the taste of the fish and it is beautiful…..

We could eat some more so ordered this as the last dish.

'Sellected Hum and Salami'

‘Sellected Hum and Salami’

Although we ordered a small size, it appeared to be so much!! I wonder how big potion the meddium size is!

The taste is no doubt! Very very nice!

My Friday night was perfect thanks to 「QUATTO」 and my girl!