【Super Hero】Nice and classical bar offering quality cocktails and deer meet steak!!!


This is Isshii! Today I found a very nice bistro near Jiyuugaoka station so I would like to share my experience

Isn’t this place nice? I think the atmosphere is grate for taking date xD


▲ The interior is like this.

We have ordered a Gin and tonic and Strawberry cocktail xD

左:イチゴのカクテル 右:ジントニック

▲ Even thought it is a bar, they offer food menu as well.


▲ This is deer meat!!!

The sauce of wine and black currant matches so well with the deer meat…
The meat has no strange smell and the taste is rich!

This place is ideal for many different occasions!!
I can feel free to come alone, and I can also take my date here, and I can proudly introduce this place to gastronomic friends too!!