【INASEYA MARE】Seafood dishes at a fancy restaurant in Tokyo (Shibuya area)!!

mmmmmm…. I can tell that this sparkling wine is from Santero, Italy..

▲ mmmmmm…. I can tell that this sparkling wine is from Santero, Italy..

Bonjorno! This is Ushi speaking.
Sorry I only tried to pretend to sound like a wine expert.
This fancy place made me feel like to do such xD

Let me share my experience with this place tonight!
I found this place on Setagaya street, not very far from Sangenjaya station. It’s called「INASEYA MARE」!!

 This is how it looks from outside and attracted me.

▲ This is how it looks from outside and it attracted me.

As I quickly researched about this place by asking local friends, I found that it is run by a company that operates 4 other restaurants in the same area and they are all very popular.
They say that this one is specialized in seafood dishes which are specially designed to go best match with wine!

Look at this! The interior is nice!!

Fancy but also casual

▲ Fancy but also casual!


▲ Relaxing

Chef’s recommendation of the day

▲ Chef’s recommendation of the day!

A lot of seafood dishes xD

'Ocean plate by Inaseya Mare'

▲ ‘Ocean plate by Inaseya Mare’

The regular menu has a lot of tempting dish too!
I really wanted to go for this one in the photo ‘Ocean plate by INASEYA MARE’ but since we are just two, we decided to take something smaller…

 Let's have another drink

▲ Let’s have another drink!

Our second drink! Cheers with Italian beer “Moretti”!
Not much of bitterness and such a refreshing taste! I like it!

Our appetizers

▲ Our appetizers

The appetizer we chose is ‘3 Beautiful appetizers’¥680

Today’s plate consists of Caponata, Escabeche and whitebait!

They are light and tasty! Grate for the first dish!

'Oyster from San-riku area'

‘Oyster from San-riku area’

I am a big oyster fan xD
Sooooooooooo fresh and tasty!!!!

Next, I would like some meat!

Ezo-dear Tataki

‘Ezo-dear Tataki’

I doubted that dear meat could be too unique but it was never smelly at all and was delicious!

With all the spices and herbs it harmonizes so well with the sweet-hot sauce made of egg yolk!

More food coming up!

'Fries with green laver'

‘Fries with green laver’

I personally recommend this to whole world!
The combination of anchovy and green laver is a LOVE! I have never experienced this!!
Crunchy outside and soft and steaming inside! I could eat a looooooooot more!!!

The next is the main dish!!

'Pasta with oyster and green onion sauce, dried mullet roe added'

▲ ‘Pasta with oyster and green onion sauce, dried mullet roe added’

You already know that I am a big fan of oyster! Believe me I have eaten a ton of oyster from many different places but to be honest, this oyster in the pasta dish has the softest texture of oyster I have ever tasted!

The sauce is olive oil based like Pepperoncino but it has a slight aroma of dried mullet roe…!!

We are pretty full but too excited and ordered one more dish.

'Rice bowl with egg and buttered truffel'¥450

▲ This is it!‘Rice bowl with egg and buttered truffel’¥450


▲ Looooook! Isn’t this sooooo tempting??

 It is damn goooooood!

▲ It is damn goooooood!

Although I wasn’t hungry, I ate the full portion in a minute! I fell in love with the flavor of truffles and butter together…..

Big thanks to ‘INASEYA MARE’! I enjoyed my dinner very much!

I know that I will go to the other 4 brunches run by the same company too!! (and when I do, I will share it here!! xD)