【Bon Maison】Super delicious bistro was found in Sangenjaya!


This is Nori speaking!

Tonight I searched for a place where I can enjoy my favorite drink Highball! (Whisky soda)!


▲ The place is called 「Bon Meson」

This place is used to be someone’s house and they keep the structure as it was and turned it into a bistro xD

For everything I had here was wonderful that is why I would like to share my photos xD


▲ The best dish of the day was this!

It is a bear snack contains bacon and onion! Originally a French dish!


▲ The menu described so xD

It is as soft as a sponge cake, and the sweet flavor of the flour makes a nice harmony with the oil of the bacon and the aroma of onion.

Very tasty and I would like to be eating this all day long xD

I asked the waiter if I could bring some home and they told me that we need to reserve in advance, before 3pm for they bake it in the early evening.


▲ And I am of course having Whisky soda xD and 2 at the same time xD


▲ This coriander salad is also fantastic!

The seasoning is awesome xD


▲ And this is such a unique dish!

Sweet and sticky and tasty!!!! It is made of potato.


▲ Fried chicken!

The smell of juicy meat with the herbal sauce makes me hungry xD
I ate it all at once xD

The atmosphere is very homey and nice and all the dishes are entertaining!
We liked the waiters very much too!

This is an ideal place for taking date, girls dinner, as well as a party with a big number of people!