【KAKURA】Yakuzen curry with 27 different spices and herbs in Tokyo! (Nakameguro in Shibuya area)!!!


This is Yukky!
Today I would like to report my special experience of Yakuzen curry!
I invited my old friend Minako and headed for a plcae called 「Kakura」!

It is located in Nakameguro area!

▲ Nakameguro station♪

▲ We walked along this mall.

▲ Then found this place looking like a little jungle xD♪

They are offering curry with 27 different spice herbs based on both Eastern and Western medical studies!
Also, the Yakuzen curry contains 12 different vegetavbles!

Let’s go and taste it!!!

▲ The interior is homey xD

▲ If you make a reservation in advance, a cute doll is waiting for you on the table!

▲ This one has an octopus waiting xD How cute!

So what should we start with?

▲ A lot of COEDO beer is in the drink Menu!

▲ However I took Asahi Super DRY lol like a man xD


We ordered 『A Yakuzen curry course』in which we can try three different Yakuzzen curry!

▲ The appetizer was『ratatouille・Summer roll・Liver pate』

This made us so happy already xD

『Karaku Salad』

The house made dressing was addictive xD

『Spice potato fries』

It tastes many different herbs and very addictive again xD
We coul not stop eating this!!!

And finally!

▲ じゃじゃ~ん!!!Tada-!!!!『Three Yakuzen curry plate』

The main dish arrived!!!
They explained us what they contains so I would like to share it!

『Karaku curry』was based on middle spicy chicken soup stock and is designed to be healthy for digestive system.
『Black curry』was based on chiken and pork soup stock and not spicy. It is designed to be healthy for renal function.
『Vege curry』is based on Konbu and Shiitake mushroom soupstock and spicy.

All are unique and delicious!!!!

▲ the rice has two choices.♪

It is either white rice or Yakuzen rice.
We chose『Yakuzen rice』and it came like this xD♪
The flavor of Jasmine is so nice and the side vegetables are grate too xD

『Karaku curry』

『Black curry』

『Vege curry』

『Chicken』came with the curry plate xD

It was nice as curry topping xD

『Shallow fried vegetables』

came with the curry too!!!!

We were too happy xD

▲ Minako smiling xD★

▲ Spiced oils on the table to add the flavor!

『Potato gelato』and『Vegan cookie』

▲ xD★『Vegan cookie』was too addictive xD

▲ We were way too satisfied xD

Everything was just perfect and I know that I would come baclk again for sure!!!!

Thank you very much 「kakura」!
It was an awesome dinner experience!!!!!