【Lavender Kitchen】Relaxing dinner offers Hokkaido cuisine in Jiyugaoka! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!)


Today I am in Jiyugaoka!

We found this place interesting and decided to go in!


▲ It seems to be called 「Hokkaido BAR」

The dish looked very tempting!


▲ The interior is nice!!


▲ The menu shows simple Hokkaido pref.’s specialties!

You know Japanese ppl love it when the food is simple because it means that the ingredients and the row materials are fresh!


▲ Our first drinks were 「Lonicera caerulea Beer」 and 「Lonicera caerulea fizz」

They were very tasty and easy to drink! The fruity aroma makes it like a cocktail and we could drink them up at once!!!

We got this as the appetizer!


▲ 「Hokkaido’s specialty, ramen salad!」

Cold ramen noodle is such a nice match with the salad seasoning and it was awesome!!!!!!!

It was dangerously delicious!!!

The vegetable was super fresh and we enjoyed the texture too!


▲ This was the top recommendation by the chef!

Three different sauce was offered! It is prepared in a Dutch oven!
The seasoning is very simple but the rich flavor of the vegetables and the meat was addictive!


▲ They have more menu!

We definitely need to come back here for experiencing more food!!!!