【comodo kitchen】Casual Italian in Sancha! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

Good evening!

This is Ushi  reporting!

I came to Sancha today for my friends told me about this place the other day, and I have been curious!

「comodo kitchen」is the place!


▲ It is on the second floor!


▲ Here it is!!

In Italian, “comodo” means “Comfortable” xD


▲ Feels cozy!

I love this atmosphere!!!


▲ Fancy♪

I bet this place is popular among ladies♪


▲ Let’s see the drink menu!

『AFURE sparkling』¥600 sounds nice! however this time i got


▲ beer xD my all time favorite!

We are very much excited about the food!


▲ Look at this menu!

Everything is tempting to me xD


▲ 「Winter time recommendation」

I decided to order some from the regular menu for you may want to order the same dish as i do in anytime of a year!


▲ The first dish is『comodo chicken 』¥480

Spicy and addictive!



This Namerou is rather western style! It was a fusion Japanese Italian xD

very tasty!!!!


『Harami stake』¥1,200

Super tender meat with the balsamic sauce !


『Beef Teppan Napolitan spaghetti』¥1,080

The pasta is rather sticky and is a heavy dish! I am satisfied!!

『30日熟成豚使用 ポークグリル』¥1,200

『Grilled mature pork』¥1,200

The sweetness of the pork was amazing♪


I and my friend enjoyed all the food they serve!!!!



▲ Even the cabbage served on side was awesome!!!!!