【Spice BAR 317】BAR specialized in SPICES!!!!!!! (in Sangenjaya, Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)


This is Ushi speaking!

Today I discovered a very nice restaurant so I would like to share my experience xD

The place is called「Spice Bar 317」!! It is located in Sangenjaya!


▲ The entrance is already fancy xD


▲ The interior is like this!


▲ The bar with indirect lightning!

We have ordered beer xD


▲ Our favorite beer

They offer spiced beer too but we decided to start the dinner with a standard beer xD


『Half boiled Uzura』

The Uzura egg is covered with cream cheese!! and the spices and nuts on top makes it completely awesome!


『All appetizers on plate』

『Rainbow pepper salmon』
『Carrot salad with home made mustard』
『Humus dip with toasted bread』
『Shrimp and broccoli dill tartar』
『marinated cooked mushrooms』

All the appetizers are seasoned with many different spices and super tasty!
They taste all very unique and we were fascinated!


『燻製ポテサラ ごろごろ炙りベーコン』

『Smoked potato salad with staked bacon』

The potato salad is creamy and melty! Bacon and fried onion are giving nice accent and it’s very tastry!

It was such an enjoyable dish!


『Super quality Charcuteries on plate』

This 5 Charcuteries are also well-spiced and each one of them is very special and unique from one another!!!

This made us wanna have another beer so we have ordered the spiced beer.


▲ 『317 Ginger beer』

The aroma is fantastic!


▲ The cinnamon flavor gives a nice kick and it is delicious!!

They said that it contains local grown ginger, clove, cinnamon and syrup made of chili!

It seems they offer High-ball (Whisky soda) with the same syrup and I personally recommend this drinks to those who love spice flavor!!

This beer made us want to have more beer snack!


『Spiced shrimp fry』

 はぁ~ん♡ もうね、匂いからたまんない。

▲ Woooooooo…… The aromatic spices are so addictive xD

The combination of different textures is beautiful and the spices and the seasoning really enhance the desire for more beer xD

We enjoyed everything served!!!

Thank you very much「SPICE BAR 317」for the grate spice experience!!