【HANEYA】Special Hot pod at a cozy Japanese restaurant in Ikejiri-oohashi (Shibuya area, tokyo!!)

My friend invited me to a dinner in Ikejiri-Ohhashi so I am rushing there!


▲ It’s raining…!


▲ This is the place!

It’s called「HANEYA」, my friend’s favorite place he says!


▲ mmmmm….. relaxing xD

a! It’s Nori by the way xD


▲ Cheers!!


The Otoushi (Small appetizer comes with the first drinks)


『5 Sashimi plate』

This is highly recommendable! All the fish are very fresh and the taste is rich!!!!

『トリアンジェ トマト』これは一回は食べておくべきトマト。一つ頬張ってみるとでてくるこの言葉「あ、うまっ」ぜひ!

▲ This is not an ordinary tomato.

Very special, and different from what we think tomato is. xD They are very delicious.

『新銀杏 素揚げ』和食の居酒屋でおつまみといったらこれだよね。大好きです。食べ過ぎ注意らしいけど。

『Gin-nan fry』

This is the represent of quality Japanese beer snack!

Super delicious xD


『Crab and seafood Tomato hot pod』

This is just a wow! Very delicious!!!!
The combination of the Japanese soup stock and tomato juice is beautiful.
The crab meat is rich!!!

We are very lucky to have chosen this xD
Maybe we don’t need anything else today and just wanna keep eating this hot pod!!!!!!


▲ The soup is too popular and we ran out of it too quickly xD

We should get the same one!!!!!

Thank you very much「HANEYA」! We too much enoyed your food!!!!!!