【Pinze Loca】Mussels and potato fries party in Sangenjaya! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening! This is Ushi speaking!

Few days ago my colleague told me about a new place specialized in shellfish and frit in Sangenjaya area, so today I came her with a friend!


▲ Many different beers from all over the world!


▲ Steamed oyster!

Surely tasty xD


▲ Mussels ahijo

The combination of garlic and mussels is very good!

Now we are ready to have the house’s special Mussels and Frit!!!


▲ They have 60 different flavors!!!

They say that it is a poplar dish in Europe. In Japan, this is the only place that offers so many different flavors!

ムール&フリット ソテー(あさりバターのソテー)Sサイズを注文!

▲ We got this one!

The flavor is Buttered clams sauce!


▲ This is the Small sice! But it weights 1kg!!!!


Medium size is 1.5kg and Large size is 2kg!!!!!


▲ This dish is very nice with white wine….. xD


▲ The frit is crispy outside and soft inside…. Very nice…

The waiter asked us if we would like a dish made out of the soup stock came out from the shellfish.
They have Risotto, Pasta or Fo!


▲ We got the Risotto!!!

The cheese gives rich aroma and flavor and the rice contains the very condensed shellfish flavor…….

This is the best xD !!!!!


▲ We liked the interior too xD♪