【SAKURA CAFE and RESTAURNAT Ikebukuro】Where international travelers gather round 24 hours♪

Hello! This is maimaimie!

Today I would like to introduce 『Sakura Hotel and restaurant』!!!
My Dutch friend took me here for drinking the other day and I was impressed by the atmosphere so today I came back to report this place!

▲ This is the building!

The area around this building is very international due to the popularity of this hotel!

International tourists from all over the world stay in this hotel thus the café on the ground floor is always filled with them! It is cheerful and fun to join!

▲ The entrance!

▲ The photos of the guests♪

▲ Look at this beer storage!!!!

Soooooooo many different beer!

▲ The terrace!

Lets order food too!

▲ 『Pleyassa』

This dish is originally from Republic of Mali!

I have been a big traveler however I have never been to Africa yet so this is something new to me.

▲ The combination of lemon and salt is nice!

The meat is juicy and huge!

▲ This is the menu!

It is worldwide !!!!!

The vegetables they use are organic and many of the dishes have the Organic indication!

▲ What made me surprised the most was the ricing of the beer!

Drink as you like for 1500 yen!!!!!!!
I cannot believe this!!!!!!

This is how much I had today! Lol

▲ and they also had wine!!

It is 24 hour open so you can enjoy the food and drinks through the night!
It is a must to visit!!!!!