【Tsukiji TAMASUSHI Ikebukuro Sunshine brunch】Sushi and Teppan! in Ikebukuro sunshine building! (Tokyo!!!)



I usually go out to have dinner at some foreign cuisine but today I feel like to go for a Japanese cuisine so I came to this place!

▲ 「Tsujkiji Tama-Sushi Ikebukuro sunshine brunch」!!

▲ It is situated in the Sunshine building!

▲ This is the entrance of the Sushi restaurant xD!

▲ Let’s start with beer since we have been working all day and now finally feel free!!

▲ xD♪

『Japanese omelet』


It is slightly grilled and soooooooooo tasty xD

『Sushi plate』

It includes sea urchin and Toro-tuna but the price is under 2000 yen!!!!
Also, this plate comes with other dishes together!!!!

▲ This came together with the Sushi plate xD Miso soup!!♪

『Chawan-mushi』was also included!!!!

『stewed Tuna』

wooooohoooooo delicious xD
Little bit spicy and the texture is amazing xD

▲ My friend keeps having Shouchu xD

▲ This is the most unique appetizer!

『Crunchy Nori』 came with the Wasabi!!!

We very much enjoyed it xD

Hank you for the grate dinner!!!