【MINIYON Sakanoue】Hidden Japanese dinner with grate wine! Shibuya, Tokyo!!!



This is Shiori!
Today I came to one of the three places called 「Miniyon」!


It takes about 10 minutes from Shibuya station.


The first dish was this!

『Buri Tataki fisherman style

The freshness of Buri is perfect and it melts in mouth! The huge potion of onion is very nice too!!


Ponzu (Japanese citrus soy sauce) and ginger makes such a beautiful harmony and I am super satisfied!

▲ The drink we chose was this wine!

It is a Japanese organic white wine!

It goes so well with Japanese dishes!!!

▲ Shuto with cream cheese!! Is soooooo tasty!!!


▲ I am having such a grate time!!

Then we got Chinese dish!

▲ They use 100 per cent Japanese pork and the rich flavor of it is just perfect!!!


▲ This dish is called 『Local egg Dutch oven baked omelet

The egg is the brand egg of Fukuoka prefecture!

It contains a lot of vitamin E and very low calories!


The texture is fluffy and enjoybale!!


The next dish is!

▲ Tsubo dengaku!! Served with sea urchin miso!!!!! Wow!!!!

The Konnyaku is in the pod and we dip it inrto the sea urchin miso!!!
Its super delicious!!!!!!


This makes us enjoy the drinks!!!!

▲ such a grate dinner!!!

▲ This is also a Dutch oven dish!

The meat is tender and the sauce has such a beautiful flavor!!!


And the last dish is this!

▲ Onigiri wirh Shiitake mushroom!!!! xD

The Shiitake is so thick and full of flavor!!!

It is a beautiful dish!!!!
We enjoyed the wine and all the dishes tonight!!!!!

▲ I am pretty tipsy… xD