【Bistro2538 Monzennakachou brunch】Nice bistro specialized in Stewed dishes!!!!!

Good evening!!


This is Ebizo!


Tonight I am in Monzennakachou!!!
I heard about a bar which is very popular among women these days so I would like to investigate it!!!


▲ This is the place!!

▲ This place is specialized in 『Beef cheek stewed with red wine』!


▲ The tables by the window!


▲ The owner is a friend of my friend xD

I am very excited!!


Lets drink!!
I got a drink called “French High ball” !!

They use French liqueur instead of ordinary whisky!!
This is highly recommendable for those who cannot take whisky….


Lets get some food!

▲ This is the house’s specialty!!

It is stewed for a long time and the tender meat is so delicious!!

▲ I got the bread to enjoy this dish at maximal degree!!



▲ The kish!

This day’s Kish was with carrot potato and meat!

The cream is very rich and tasty!!♪

『Stewed rabbit meat with paprika』!!

This is as healthy as chicken dish!!~(´▽`)

▲ French High ball!

It is super refreshing and delicious!!!!


I was highly satisfied!!!!