【Kaisen Taishuu Sakabaru UNARI】Fantastic dishes offered in this Izakaya!!

Good evening!!


This is Aika Kimura reporting tonight!

▲ I came here with my mates xD

「Kaisen Taishuu BAR UNARI」


The owner is a huge fish lover and the quality of the fish served here is guaranteed!!
I brought my friend who is a Sake producer xD

▲ This is the Otoushi! (small appetizer comes with the first drink!)

It is unbelievable! We have never seen such a huge Otoushi!!!!!

Trust me, its very special!!!!! You can compare this to other Otoushi from other articles we have reported!!!


Since we are five ppl, we ordered a bottle of Dorogame!

And! For sure Sashimi in this place!
Look at this thick slices!!!
They are super fresh too…!!!
『Unari Sashimi plate』 for two ppl 1,280Yen

▲ This is a Miso based soup made of fish soup stock with stewed vegetables and seafood and it is only for 380 yen!!!

This dish was the best favorite of mine today!!!! I feel that I will even have this in my dream tonight…….

▲ Fried fish 580 yen

With Wasabi soy sauce, this is so light and crispy and I finished it at once!


『Pickable Inari-zushi』the main dish of the day!

They have 10 different Inari-sushi variations and we have chosen 3 for each.


We enjoyed them so much xD

And I have just noticed that we have finished two bottles of Dorogame- xD lol


Such a nice evening xD



Aika Kimura

Aika Kimura

Hello! I am Aika Kimura, the chief editor of the "Okashi Times" a gastronomy blog specialized in Sweets.
Here at mogood, I am sharing my private dinner in Tokyo! My best favorite drink is "Doro-ball" my original mixture of a specific Shouchu and extreme fizzy water.
Okashi Times :http://okashi-times.com/

Shop Info

Name Kaisen Taishuu Sakabaru UNARI
Phone number 03-3927-7377
Address 〒114-0002 Tokyo, Kita-ku, Ooji 1-22-2, door number105 MAP
Access 4minutes from Ooji ekimae station
Opening hour weekdays 17:00~24:00/Sat 15:00~23:00
Holiday sunday and holiday

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