【Chuugoku Ramen YOUSHUUSHOUNIN Shimbashi brunchi】Casual Chinese cuisine in Shibnashi! (Tokyo)



This is Chacha with my baby xD Today we are in Shinbashi!


And we found this place!

▲ Just 2 minutes walk from Shinbashi station!


▲ The entrance!


▲ Nostalgic!

Lets go in!!♪

▲ It’s a 2story restaurant but we are seated here on the first floor!

The atmosphere reminds me of my days in China and Hong-Kong!!

I am excited!!!

▲ The menu!!!♪


▲ Side dishes!

▲ Look how beautiful!!


▲ This is also a super popular dish!


▲ The last piece…

▲ Hiya!

▲ And of course Gyoza dumpling!!


The amount of meat is full and even this half potion dish is filing!!!

▲ Can you believe this Chinese omelet is only for 290yen?!


▲ woooooo♪


sooooo tasty!!!

▲ Tada-!!!!

This is the 『Su-Ra-Ta-Men』!!


The sourness with the chili is beautiful!!!

Even thought I was not super hungry, I ate this noodle at once!!!!


You can choose the noodle from three range of thickness! My recommendation is the Thin one!!!