【GOSS 】Champaign in daytime xD in Ginza!! (Tokyo!!!)


This is Ushi!

Today is my day off and I already wanna have some drink in my lunch xD
I came to Ginza to do that!

▲ 「GOSS」is the place my friend told me that we can enjoy alcoholic drinks in day time cheerfully xD

▲ This is how it looks from the street!

▲ Very stylish xD

▲ It’s moody but not too formal so we could enter with no stress!

▲ The Champagne menu!

▲ The food menu!

▲ Yayyyy!

I am having champagne in the day time xD How nice my day off is!!!
You know it is not always possible xD

It feels like heaven with this super quality champagne xD

▲ I ordered my favorite food 『Oyster』

This house offers the ones from Tasmania. Unique!

It is served with jelly of onion and grapefruits!


▲ mmmmmm!!!!!! Very refreshing and super tasty!!!!

Pretty different from what we are used to, which is the Japanese oyster, but this is also definitely enjoyable!!!!

Such a grate match with the champagne!

▲ The plate of appetizers!♪

Super luxury ingredients really fascinate me xD

▲ The French caviar is delicious ………♡

▲ They also offer super luxury selection of wine!!!!

Usually these are offered only in a bottle in other places but here we can taste them in a glass potion…

My lunch was very special today and it really made my day xD

Thank you 「GOSS」!! For this special experience!!!