【comrade Jiyugaoka】Organic vegetables and meat in Jiyugaoka! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)


This is coiku reporting tonight!
I am a vegetarian, cross-cultural interpreter.


Today I am meeting my girlfriend who was my best friend in my highschool time. It has been more than10 years since I saw her last time.


I chose this place for both of us to enjoy the evening! I am vegetarian and my girl Yuko is a meat lover. Lol

▲ This is the place Japan Vegetable Sommelier has approved.


▲ Cute bar inside!

▲ Huge kitchen!

Without looking at the menu, Yuko has ordered a bottle of red wine.

She has not changed at all in this sense since we were 23 when we were meeting every weekend!

▲ This is the Wine we got!

▲ Cheers!

Let’s have a look at the menu!

▲ They are stunning! Seems like they are very much focused on the quality of the raw materials and the way of cooking them…

▲ The manu has many pages…

I cannot decide when the choice is wildly open!

Please choose some dishes Yuko!


So Yuko picked all for us.


Bio vegetable salad

She said that this is all for me and she gave me the most potion.

▲ The freshness of the radish and its texture!! Also the aroma from all this vegetables are beautiful!!!!

All vegetables are lively! I wished to have 100 more of the broccoli and Yuko gave me all we got xD saying “You haven’t changed at all over 10 years xD”


“Okay have this too, and this as well..” She gave me her tomato and many stuff so in the end she got only the leaves…

▲ “Please have it all, for I am expecting my meat dish xD”

The second dish has arrived!

French fries with selected sauceYuko has asked for 2 sauces that the owner likes the most and these two came.

Its Bolognese and Gorgonzola.


Yuko commented “This potato is just like a gentle person. I don’t feel oil somehow and it doesn’t have anything aggressive, its like a person I can trust…” lol

She is very funny xD


But its true that we feel no oil even though it is fried. The potato is very soft and moist with nice aroma! The sauce was grate too even for me who usually do not enjoy cheese.

▲ He is the owner xD

Very friendly and nice man!

▲ Yuko’s pork dish!

She tried to convince me to have a bite for she thinks that the texture of the pork is very nice.

But since I am a vegetarian I cannot eat it so I had the vegetables xD The sauce was simple but very nice.


Then Yuko got a sweets in the end of the dinner as she is THE girl!

▲ Avocado cheese cake!

I was too curious and asked for a bite this time xD

The aroma of avocado was awesome! It was not as heavy as ordinarly cheese cake and I enjoyed it!!


And there was a cake I was even more interested…


Matcha and Houjicha cake!!!

How fascinating!!! I really wanted to taste it! But I had too much wine and I gave up….
Next time for sure! Coz this seems very very yummmmmmmm xD

And…. Additionally,
I loved the toilet here….. lol

▲ So large and with groovy music and the mirror!

I was dancing a bit alone here xD lol

Thank you so much for the grate dinner xD