【Gokuraku YODARE Sakaba】A NEO Izakaya in Choufu! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening!
This is Ebizo!
Today I came to Choufu area to experience this new place called “Gokuraku Yodare Sakaba”!!


It was only 1-2 minute walk from the Choufu station!

▲ The entrance!

It is a 2story building!

▲ A party was taken a place on the 2nd floor!

Lets join!


『Yamitsuki Cucumber』


『Mushroom salad Japanese style』


『Plate of skewed chicken』



『Yodare dori』

and we asked for Garlic rice in the plate of this dish so we can enjoy the left–over sauce xD

『Garlic rice』

『Innards hot pod』

such a nice party toight xD