【Motsuyaki KAMIYA】Innards BBQ in Kabukichou! (Shinjuku!, Tokyo!!)

Good evening!


This is Ebizo again!!
Today I am in Shinjuku area and found this place!

▲ This is the house!


▲ Very full!!!!


▲ Lemon high!


▲ The food menu here is all skewed meat!!

And they are all 70 yen each?!?!?!!? Cannot believe this pricing!!!



『Stewed lever bbq』

we asked the chef to give us all his recommendations!

▲ These are enjoyed with pinch of salt!


▲ and these are with the house’s special sauce!


▲ This is my best favorite of the day! 『Hinanegi』

I ate all these in a second!!!

▲ Thanks for the good food!!!

I am highly satisfied!!!!!

and we payed only 200 yen for all this dinner xD unbelievable!!!!!