【GIFUYA】Chinese pub in Omoide-yokocho! (Shinjuku, Tokyo!!!)

mogu mogu (Japanese onomatopea for “munching”)

▲ モグモグ。


▲ yum!!

Hello! This is Ushi reporting today!

I am now in「Gifu-ya」after bar hopping!

This place is located in the Omoide-yokocho! In Shinjuku!!


▲ Look how nostalgic atmosphere xD

This place serves Ramen, Gyoza dumpling and other Chinese origin dishes!

There is only a bar counter seats and I see the local looking ppl come alone and read newspaper and eat and drink here.
Most probably all of them are regular customers.


▲ This is the fried rice I had!!!

Very simple and light taste which I love!
It isn’t oily at all!!!!!


▲ and of course I take Gyoza dumpling!

The skin is so soft and sticky! I love the texture so much!
The flavor of garlic with bunch of vegetable is nice too!


▲ I am having another beer now xD


▲ Kikurage mushroom and egg wok!

mmmmmm….. the aroma of sesame oil is gorgeous!
this makes me wanna have more beer! Or eat some rice actually!! xD

and my last dish is this!!


▲ Steamed chicken

I didn’t know this dish before but I now know that I like it xD
Soft and moist chicken with refreshing and light sauce of salt!!! This has become my favorite Chinese dish from now xD


▲ I am sleepy with my happy tammy xD

Thank you!!!!!!