【GEUCHAI】Super authentic long-established Thai restaurant in Shinjuku! (Tokyo!!!)

this is HALOO

Today I visited an authentic Thai restaurant that I always hear from Thai ppl living in Tokyo!
The place is called「GEUCHAI」xD !!!

▲ This is the building!

They own 7 brunches since 1990!

▲ The indication also looks a long-establishing shop!

Let’s go inside♪

▲ These Thai ingredients are sold at here and they are all shipped from Thailand! twice every week!!!

▲ Looking traditional!

▲ Enjoy the city view of Shinjuku!!!

▲ Thai commodities xD

Very Thai color in my eyes xD ♡

▲ Kitchen♪

Let’s have a look at the menu♪

▲ This continues 18 pages long xD

Everything is shown with the photos xD

▲ hey have many side dishes too!

And the drinks xD

▲ ♪

▲ Thai beer!

There were many middle sized tables available somehow, they lead us to a small table in the very corner.

We have wondered why but,

We got the answer for it soon.

At pm, many ppl arrived here and they all had reservation!
And most of them are Thai people!!We are super excited about the food here as now we know that this place is truly loved by real Thai people!


▲ The first dish is『tomYumKun soup』

My friend’s favorite Thai food♪
The spice and the sourness is perfect and it is very rich♡
Very simple in a way, but super delicious with this aroma of lemongrass!!!

『Rice noodle salad』is my favorite Thai dish!♪

The freshness of the vegetables and the balance between the sourness and sweetest of the dressing is beautiful!!
It was too tasty and I even finished the sauce!!

I looked around and found that 90 per cent of the customers here now are Thai!
They are all speaking Thai language and I can hardly find Japanese ppl……!

I have never seen a Thai restaurant filled with Thai people!

My girlfriend rather wanted to have drinks than food today but because the food here is so good we have ordered more dish!

『Ankake yakisoba』(I specially asked to exclude meat form the original recipe..)

It was real fine dish! The texture of the soup, and the noodle!♡
Vegetables are so fresh and I could taste the rich flavor of them!!!
This mushroom is so rich and I could eat a ton of it!!!

Very sophisticated dishes!!!!

▲ It is super rare for me to have two bottles of beer a day!!♪

I would love to come back here for more!!!!!